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Kasikornbank was established by Thai-Chinese influential families as a bank for farmers in 1945 and reached the title of "Best Retail Bank of Thailand" in 2017. The institution is developing under the motto "The best for every client." In the last century the bank opened branches in all 27 provinces. Kasikornbank created a convenient mobile bank. It is popular with locals and tourists because of the loyalty and simplicity of operations.

Branches of Kasikornbank are represented in 7 countries of the world, including the USA and the UK. The bank is especially active in China. Its branches and subsidiaries operate in Beijing, Kunming, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other cities. The representation is expanding in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam.


Bank's assets are about 27 billion US dollars. The institution passed the crisis of 1997 better than others. Kasikornbank is increasing its indicators. Today it is the fourth largest Thai bank. The bank actively finances small and medium business.

Network in the country

Kasikornbank has more than 700 branches throughout the country, especially a lot of them in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Offices and ATMs of green color with a red trim and emblem in the form of leaves can be found in all major shopping centers and often in small shops 7/11, on tourist streets, near beaches.

Only in this bank a foreigner can issue a card with any visa, even a tourist visa. In addition, new ATMs have the Russian language. But at the same time, the commission for withdrawal is higher than in ATMs of other banks by 10%.


Kasikornbank head office address


    Kasikorn Thai Bank
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    1 Soi Rat Burana 27/1, Rat Burana Road, Rat Burana Sub-district, Rat Burana District, Bangkok 10140
  • Phone number

    +66 2 888 8888