Comparison of exchange rates at banks and exchange offices

Today's Best Exchange Rates

Thailand Thailand

Direction Best Buying Rate
usd → thb 35.75 Grand Superrich Grand Superrich
gbp → thb 45.20 Siam Exchange Siam Exchange
eur → thb 38.70 Siam Exchange Siam Exchange
rub → thb 0.370 TMB TMB

Indonesia Indonesia

Direction Best Buying Rate
usd → idr 15895.00 BNI BNI
gbp → idr 20292.00 BCA BCA
eur → idr 17602.00 BCA BCA
Direction Best Selling Rate
idr → usd 14070.00 OCBC OCBC
idr → gbp 17250.72 OCBC OCBC
idr → eur 15584.55 BRI BRI

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