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BRI is the oldest bank in Indonesia, at present it is 70% owned by the state. Founded in 1895 during the Dutch colonial period, as a savings bank for aristocrats, as of 2010 it was the second largest asset in the country.

The business center is focused on banking services for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, it offers micro-loans, savings accounts, small commercial and consumer loans and electronic banking services. Subsidiaries are engaged in the banking sector and provide money transfer services. Since 2013 there is a bank self-service through CRI Hybrid Banking. Services are available in all corners of the country, even on small islands of the archipelago.

Thanks to innovations, the financial organization reacts instantly to any events in the society. June 8, 2016 France launched into space BRIsat, so there was a single bank on Earth, which owns and manages its own satellite. This was a part of a strategic plan to strengthen the digital services infrastructure of the future, which will offer high-quality banking technology. In addition, the company was the first in the world to create a floating marine banking service.


Bank Rakyat Indonesia is one of the most profitable in the world. Concentration on micro loans helps the lender maintain a high interest margin, he claims that it holds almost 50% of the market share in the segment. The authorized capital of the company is 15 trillion rupees ($ 1.1 billion). Market capitalization is 449.37 trillion rupees (3.27 trillion US dollars).

Network in the country

The company has seven main service offices, under their management are regional offices. To provide the best service for customers, the number of ATMs has increased to 24,292. In Bali, the offices are located along the perimeter of the island. You can exchange 25 currencies. Currently, E-Pay Bank is known as safe and simple, customers integrated with Internet service can automatically use it for electronic payments. To register an account, foreigners must provide a recommendation from the employer or sponsor, a copy of the passport, a temporary residence permit or a residence permit (KIMS/KITAS/KITAP). It is possible to open a tourist bank card, for this it is required to put on balance not less than 2000 dollars and provide a passport.


BRI head office address


    Gedung BRI II
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    BRI I Building Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav.44-46 Jakarta, 10210 Indonesia
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    +62 21 2510279